How does this unique rental work?
We try to provide options for a wide range of travelers.  From couples, to families to friends traveling together each traveler’s need is different.  Thanks in part to the unique configuration of the house, we can provide the option of renting the whole house or just a room.  Which room you want to rent is based on your needs.  Whole house rental is $290 a night for up to 9 guests.  The base rate to rent any one guest room is listed as a per day, plus tax for up to 2 guests.  Rooms that sleep more than two guests will incur an additional guest charge of $20 per person, per day. These additional funds help offset the cost of utilities, cleaning and wear and tear on the property.  We do not charge an additional cleaning fee. Our goal is to provide quality accommodations for two guests or a party of nine.  

Why are there specific check-in times?
The Guest Cottages have specific check-in and check-out times, and do not operate around the clock like a hotel. Some personnel have other jobs, or will be the ones cleaning and preparing the rooms for your stay, which is why specific check-in times are requested.  At Volcano Acres Tree House we recommend you check-in between 4:00PM and 6:00 PM the first time to the property. 

What is the house like?

At Volcano Acres Tree House we have taken care to choose high quality furniture and fixtures that provide a unique aspect to each room. Rooms feature custom made artisan beds, comfortable mattresses, heated mattress pads and luxurious linens. 

What amenities do you provide in the bathrooms?

 You will find the spa amenities you usually find in a better hotel such as fluffy towels, quality soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair dryers and towel warmers.

How do we obtain drinks or snacks, are there vending machines?

 Be sure to stop at one of the many grocery stores in Hilo or Kona before coming to Volcano. There are a couple of general stores in Volcano Village but their supplies are limited and a little more costly.   While you are welcome to bring your own wine, beer or liquor, we do ask that you drink responsibly. 

Are there TV's, Telephone and Internet access?
At Volcano Acres Tree House TV sets with DVD players are included in each room.  Movie rentals can be found at the Kilauea General Store.  High speed Internet access is available for checking email or posting to social media.  We do not provide a telephone land line as most guests have cell phones.    If you need to send or receive a fax, or make a copy, just let us know. We can assist you at our sister property where you can check in for your flight and print boarding passes.

How can I find out about area attractions and activities?
 In the house you will find a book containing information not only about the house but also Volcano Village, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, activities outside the park, restaurant & business lists for Volcano Village and  a calendar of local events. Your host is able to recommend guided culture and nature hikes, tours of lava tubes, or helicopter rides to see. In addition she can recommend places for a picnic, beaches, day hikes, art or theatre activities, fun country markets or antiquing.

Where can we get lunch and dinner?                                                                        
A complete listing of area restaurants, is included in your house directory. Everything from pizza and sandwiches to Thai food or fine dining is available in Volcano, although most places do not serve past 9:00 pm.  Area restaurants are only 5 minute drive away. The town of Hilo, about 45 minutes away, also has a large selection of restaurants. If you plan to go see a sunset or evening you might want to eat an early dinner, or take sandwiches with you.  

Am I expected to tip?                                                                             

Like any quality accommodation, the staff works hard to provide for your comfort. Tipping is not expected, but is always appreciated. We strive to provide great service and welcome your feedback.

What else should I know about customs unique to Hawaii?
Hawaiian custom asks that you remove your shoes while in someone's home. It is a sign of respect and keeps the house cleaner too, as there is often plenty of sand, mud or red dirt in Hawaii. Shoes are left at the door. In a basket, just inside the door we provide slippers or clean slipper socks that may be worn in the house. You may wish to bring a pair of your own house slippers. Or you are welcome to go barefoot, island style, as we do. 

Hawaiians love to give lei.
This is one of our favorite customs! Lei-making in Hawaii is an art form and an expression of aloha. They are made of plants, flowers, nuts or shells. Lei are given to welcome friends, as gifts at important ceremonies like birthdays or graduation, to a presenter at a lecture or just anytime as a gesture to make someone feel special. If you are celebrating a special occasion I can arrange a lei greeting made of exotic flowers from one of our skilled island lei makers. Please contact me at least 72 hours prior to arrival.